Addicting Games Are Becoming A Bigger Part Of Everyday Life

boy playing handheld game console

Video games themselves have changed quite a bit over the years. Currently, the trend is to carry them with you wherever you go on a mobile phone or tablet. Candy Crush is a knockout champion when it comes to addicting games. Its popularity is beginning to wane, with many newer games taking the spotlight universally.

However, when it comes to addicting games, people have their own preferences. Some like sports games while others like specifically console games. There are also some who like browser based games. These include:

  • Shooting games;
  • Fantasy games;
  • Role playing games among others

Mix the fantasy with the role playing games, and you have a big hit for people when it comes to addicting games. There are many browser based games that cater to this crowd like Evony and Tynon. People who play these games can tell you that they have spent a significant amount of time doing so. The games are set up to keep you signing in all throughout the day. This is to enable you to keep up and compete.

Another trend with games these days is that they are set up to play for free. It’s because they are designed to compel people to make purchases in order to compete. These online games are open to the world. So, anyone from anywhere in the globe can sign up and start to play. This also enables to create an online community. Through this community, different people get to know each other and start interacting throughout the day.

People are easily attracted to something amusing and habit-forming. That’s why game makers are creating games that bring the addiction to a whole new level. Do you play video games? If so, what is your favourite type of game? My all-time favourite addictive video game is NBA Jam, but that is from back in the day.

My parents owned an arcade when I was younger. I also played console games quite a bit back then. Nowadays, I like to play show games online for free. I still like playing the ticket games at arcades. Racing games are also quite addictive.

My friend’s little kid always likes to play games on the tablet that he downloads all the time. There are a lot of addictive games nowadays. There are even games that are designed for the really young kids. These days, kids seem to be the most prone to addictive games to fill their time.

When it comes to console gaming, the Call of Duty franchise and many other games are still going strong and highly addictive. Many guys still dawn the controller and headset to go online and go to war with their friends. Still, it’s very interesting to note the changing trends in addictive games as the online gaming world is taking over. And, you can’t have a discussion about addictive games without talking about the Sims franchise. This game is a reality show in and of itself. Many people sit and play with it for hours. And, then there are the games on social media, too. Addictive video games are indeed becoming a big part of everyday life. And I’m pretty sure that you have your personal favourites too.