Cool IPhone Gadgets And Accessories

Latest Gadgets and Accessories of iPhone

With the popular of the iPhone, there have been many gadgets and accessories developed to help make the iPhone user experience much better. Although some of the most common gadgets and accessories are speakers, docks, and earphones, there are many other types of accessories that are on the market that can truly enhance the way that you use and enjoy your iPhone.

The prices for these gadgets and accessories vary, but there is a possibility you can find an affordable version of a more expensive gadget. However, keep in mind that you get what you pay for.

Throat Mic iPhone Headset

You may only understand military combat because you have played military video games numerous times. However, you should not have to settle for an inferior product when you are looking for a headset for your cell phone. It is not very likely that the special ops agents who are trained to parachute into enemy territory use a standard iPhone headset. More than likely they use a headset based on throat mic development.

A Throat Mic stays close to your neck and directly picks up the sound from your vocal cords. This provides the user with two advantages. The first advantage is that they can whisper into the mic and still be heard by the receiver on the other end. The second advantage is that the other person does not hear any other noise besides your voice.

Crabble Folding iPhone Stand

If you do not like watching the movies they play on airplanes, you can watch any movie you want on your iPhone. However, you may run into a problem when you have to hold the device in your hand for hours. So, what is the solution?
A smartphone stand.

The Crabble Folding iPhone Stand is the size of a credit card, and an iPhone can easily fit into the slot. Simply sit the stand on the tray table, place your earbuds in and enjoy a movie on your device.

NUU MiniKey

Are you looking to transform your typing skills on your iPhone? Are you tired of making typos when you are blogging or emailing? If so, the NUU MiniKey offers benefits such as:

  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Toggle Button
  • Backlight

These are just of the many cool iPhone gadgets and accessories that you can use when you are looking to make your iPhone use more enhanced. Choose one or more of the gadgets to create the ultimate experience.