Finding The Best Sources For Tech News


Keeping abreast with the latest tech news is rather challenging. In the current era we live in, every new technology seems to have a limited lifetime and becomes obsolete in a matter of years and some cases in a matter of months. This means that every day there is new emerging technology or further development of existing technologies.

It is little wonder that there is seemingly no way to have at your fingertips, every piece of news pertaining to tech developments every time. However, in the absence of perfect knowledge, one can still be informed of the majority of the latest news. Herein is a guide on the best ways of keeping tabs on the tech news that interest you.

Specific Tech News Vs. General Tech News

This should be the very first item you should consider. As an information consumer, you have your interest that might be very divergent from the next individual. Some people have narrow interests in as far technology is concerned and in turn, the tech news that they consume reflects this. For this group of individuals, their news needs should be met by a source that gives them exactly what they want

However, on the other hand, there are individual who have a wide range of interest in the technology realm. They thus consume a lot of different tech news. In this case, their love for tech is general and not confined to one field. The needs of this group of individuals can be met by sources that contain a wide selection of news.

Specific News Sources

There are many news sites and blogs that focus on specific technological advancements. For instance, if you are more interested in gadget and therefore, you are only interested in news pertaining to developments in this area of technology you can opt to use Gizmodo ( This site focuses on developments in the fields of gadgets. It is also a good source for tech news revolving around mobile phones.

Another good example is the aerospace industry tech news, where you can follow the latest developments in through websites such as Aviation Week ( For Video games, great news sources include Kotaku and Ars Technica.

You can also target tech news that revolves around a specific technology company. Over time, big technological companies have developed a massive following. There are thus many blogs and websites that focus on their activities and the technological developments they make.

For instance, an Apple enthusiasts should keep tabs on MacRumors as it is a great source for everything about Apple’s technological advancements. All Facebook is a site that follows and tracks the activities of Facebook. It is thus a good source for Facebook news.

Another effective way of gathering the latest news in your technological realm of interest is using Google News and Google Reader ( This two tools can be customized to suit your areas of interest. Therefore, you can tailor the feed to receive the tech news that you only want.

General Tech News

Then there are people who are interested in any a variety of technological fields. For these individuals, there are many sources to opt for. These include blogs, websites and link sites (Aggregators).

  • Blogs – These are blogs that focus on disseminating tech news. One of the most popular blogs for tech news is TechCrunch ( It has built a reputation for being an accurate and very good source for a wider variety of technology related news. Other great blogs include the Mashable (, The Next Web (, TechRadar (, Wired (, CNET (, Engadget ( and The Verge (
  • Aggregators/ Link Sites – These are sites that provide links to news articles to their users. The majority of them can be tailored by the user to their custom needs. They include the famed Techmeme (, YC Hacker News –, Slashdot (, and the Hacker News (
  • Website – These are usually website of media companies that focus on tech news. They include Business Insider’s,, Silicon Alley Insider, WSJ All Things Digital / Digits Blog, The New York Times Technology, and much more.

You can also use the Google News Tool and the Google Reader to provide you with the emerging trends in the technology world.