A Good Choice for Commercial Sinks

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What should you choose for a commercial sink or even a very durable sink in a home kitchen? Stainless steel possesses a lot of good qualities that make it very easy to suggest. Sinks made from stainless steel have the durability to perform well for decades. At the same time, the polished look will work with any sort of decor.


Stainless steel is simply a tested steel alloy. It usually contains some chromium or nickel. These two metals help prevent the metal from tarnishing. They can also make it more durable. Sometimes you will see stainless steel with a grade that might be similar to “18.6”. This means that the steel contains 6 percent nickel and 18 percent chromium.

Choosing a Stainless Steel Commercial Sink

These are some important features to consider for a commercial sink made from Stainless steel:


Zero-Radius Corners

This simply describes sinks that have square or rectangular basins with 90-degree angles. There are no rounded corners at all. These sinks have a modern appearance, and they are also typically found in commercial kitchens.


This is probably because the straight edges maximize space more than rounded corners do. Also, some sinks come with removable tools that offer you added features, and these tools fit best with square corners.


Recycled Materials

The great thing about stainless steel is that it is made from an alloy that can be fully recycled. This material will not lose its properties or decade during recycling. You can find manufacturers that made their process greener by using mostly recycled stainless steel from older sinks, appliances, or perhaps even cars. Anybody who is interested in having a green kitchen might consider buying a sink made from recycled stainless steel.


Apron Sinks

Do you like the look and functionality of farmhouse sinks? Also called apron sinks, the basins have material that extends over the top and down the front. Since this is an area that frequently gets soiled from splashes, this apron makes the entire area around the sink very easy to keep clean. You can find several stainless steel sink makers that offer apron sinks that are made from stainless steel.


Other Features to Consider for Commercial Sinks

If your idea of a commercial sink is that you can only get one or two basins, you should explore some of the new products on the market. Actually, these versatile new sinks can come with many different features that allow your sink to help you with many different tasks.

Consider some good options for stainless steel sinks:


You can buy sinks that have grids on the bottom. The purpose of these grids is to reduce the chance of accidentally scratching the sink. Of course, you can also purchase mats to place on the bottom of the sink that will also provide some protection for the metal.

Removable Cutting Boards

There’s no reason to make a mess on the counter when you need to cut food for preparation. You can buy sinks that come with removable cutting boards that will allow you cut right inside the sink. Later, it is easy to remove them for cleaning and to rinse out the sink. With these cutting boards, you won’t have to worry about cleaning up a mess on the counter.


Removable Strainers and Racks

Do you need to rinse and drain food? If so, you may have gotten used to using a colander propped over another bowl to catch the liquid. Wouldn’t this task be easier, require less cleanup, and save time if you could simply put a fitted strainer right over your sink? You can purchase sinks with double- or even triple-basins, so you can use part of the sink to prepare food while you can still access the main basin to use as a traditional sink.


What Else to Know About Commercial Sinks Made From Stainless Steel

Now you know that you can buy high-grade stainless steel sinks in a variety of sizes, with multiple basins, and even with additional features. Some examples of these extra features could include removable tools and an apron that goes over the top and front of the sink counter. You might also look for 16-guage stainless steel for the most durability and longest life.