Your Guide To Children And Technology: The Best Ways To Manage Screentime

kid using ipad

Today’s parents have to think about things that parents of the past never even considered. One of those things is modern technology. Parents have to figure out the best way to handle laptops, tablets, phones, gaming devices and other pieces of new technology.


The latest technology can leave a lot of parents feeling overwhelmed. However, there are a number of ways that parents can mitigate the negative effects that technology may have. These simple tips will help to ensure that children get the most out of the devices they use.


  1. Encourage Your Child To Be Technologically LiterateA lot of people assume that the best way to handle technology is to keep their children away from it entirely. They don’t let them use tablets or touch internet-connected electronics of any kind.

    However, even though parents who do this have nothing but the best of intentions, they may be having an adverse effect on their children. Technology isn’t going anywhere. Children will have to use various devices in order to succeed in school, in the workplace, and in life.

    If a child never has a chance to use electronic devices, they’ll be at a disadvantage when compared to their classmates. Children are better equipped to learn how to use devices like this if they start young. If the first time they use a tablet is when they need to use it for a school assignment, they may struggle to keep up.

    It’s found to give your child limitations, but don’t be too strict. Make sure they know have a chance to familiarize themselves with devices before they need them.


  1. Don’t Give Your Child Too Much Screen TimeJust as children can be harmed by being kept away from all electronic devices, they can be harmed by using them all the time. Studies have shown that the amount of screen time a child has can have an impact on their development.

    Many pediatricians recommend that children have less than 2 hours of screen time a day. While this number will obviously need to increase as a child gets older and needs to use technology for school, it’s a reasonable limit for younger children. Consider setting limits like this in your own home.


  1. Treat Screen Time Like A CurrencyIn the past, most parents used real currency in order to encourage children to behave. For example, many children were able to earn an allowance through proper behavior and keeping up with chores.

    However, there are now things that many children find far more enticing than cash. A lot of children want to pay more in order to get access to their favorite technological devices.

    If your child wants to spend time playing tablet games or watching tablet games, make them do something to earn it. If you treat screen time this way, children will see technology as a privilege rather than something they’re entitled to. This can help them to develop a healthy relationship with it in the future.


  1. Encourage Educational Technology UsageTry to make sure your children are doing more than playing games and watching cartoons when they use technology. Today’s modern tech can be an incredible resource. Children can make tremendous strides if they use it to learn.

    If your child is struggling in math class, look for apps that can help children to improve their math skills. If your children are addicted to video games, have them experiment with programs that will teach them basic development skills.

    Technology is far more than a toy. If children learn to use technology well, they should be able to build skills that will help them for their entire life.


Media technology is a big part of people’s lives, whether they want it to be or not. While this can make raising a child a lot more complicated, it also has some very powerful advantages.


Don’t think of technology as your enemy. It’s something that can help you and your children in a number of ways. Children and technology is a complicated subject, but there are a lot of ways that people can use devices to be better parents.