The Hottest Gadgets of 2016

The number one consumer tech show of the year was CES 2016.  If you attend this show, not only can you see some of the strangest technology available, you’ll also see some of the most popular tech gadgets, the things that get us “tech heads” excited about the future.

gopro tech gadget

If you are a “tech head”, or just one in training, you’ve likely heard of Oculus Rift, the HTC Vive, which is considered mainstays of the show.  Add in the super, ultra DEF TV and you’ll know this is the place to be.

So counting down from…


#10 Segway Advanced Personal Robot


The future really is here, but it may not look exactly like what we expected, certainly the Segways, which now have a robotic face do seem a bit “over-the-top”.  This new one from Segway lays between being a personal assistant and a form of transportation, not bad and I wouldn’t mind having one.  What’s exciting to think about is how developers will interact with the open SDK, could be AI isn’t that far down the pike.


#9 Samsung Modular TV


Modular television isn’t something you think of right out of the box, and this is a tech concept more than anything else.  What happens is each of these pieces (parts) of the screen can be-be used independently, or together allowing the user to form up the screen in various aspect ratios.  But get this, while they are separate, when brought together the visuals are seamless, very cool.


#8 DietSensor SCiO Food Scanner


If you’re looking to keep an eye on the calories, this is perfect, but the actual use is much more important for people who suffer from Diabetes.  If you have Diabetes and don’t eat right, it could be life threatening.  This gadget scans the chemical components of a particular food or drink and analysis whether or not it something you should eat, based on existing dietary conditions.  The drawback (for now) is it can only scan food; one piece at a time and it takes multiple steps to arrive at a decision.  So, while there is room for improvement, it pretty great that it works and can help people today.


#7 Samsung Notebook 9


Like most of the Samsung models, some will say this is a clone of Apple or a notebook that follows along the path Apple devised.  And that may be true, but in this case, they take “thin and light” to an entirely new level.  The Notebook 9 is “Supermodel” thin, while still packing some computer power with an Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of SSD storage. That doesn’t mean it’s perfect, the 1090p display won’t give the MacBook Pro or Dell XPS a run for the money.  Still, if the price is right, this could be a 2016 standout.


#6 Livestream Movi


Action cams aren’t new, especially not in 2016, you can see them everywhere, but Livestream  has done with the Movi is pretty intuitive.  This little 4k camera was created to capture live events as they happen, something people want to do more and more often.  The Movi connects direct to the iPhone and uses its proprietary app to edit (up to) 9 virtual cameras… Wow, future filmmakers need to jump on this.  What can you do?  How about zoom, pan, cut, and even let the camera follow faces.  This is a big step forward and we’re sure that many are hoping to see this under the Christmas tree.


#5 Chevy Bolt


So, electric cars aren’t new, but they never quite seem to work as we want them to, at least not a price that’s competitive.  Sure, we’d all like to give up fossil fuel, but we’ve also got to watch the bottom line..  Well, that may be covered in the Chevy Bolt, which is taking the lead and may become the standout electric car since the original Tesla.  We’re not talking bargain basement, but we are talking a $7,500 tax credit.  Deduct that from Retails and maybe things won’t seem quite so bad.  Add to this at 10.2-inch dashboard touchscreen, plus some other cool bells and whistles, and this is an electric car of note.


#4 Razer Blade Stealth


2016 may be the year of the Razer.  They’ve been attempting to build the ultimate gaming Ultrabook for awhile now, and they may have succeeded.  The Blade is very thin, super fast and relatively inexpensive. But here’s the kicker, the Blade Stealth comes with an integrated graphics card that can be supplemented by an exterior graphics card.  This means desktop level graphics on a laptop.


#3 Ehang Passenger Drone


This wasn’t available for a test flight, but the concept of an all-electric helicopter navigating you to your destination is pretty cool.


#2 Faraday Future FFZero1 Concept


A concept car, the FFZero1 looks pretty close to the Batmobile, fully electric, with claims of a 0-60 speed in less than three seconds and a top end over 200mph, this is very exciting.


#1 Parrot Disco


Drones seemed to come out of nowhere and rapidly take over the world, making fabulous video shots an everyday occurrence.  That’s true for most of the drones but the Parrot Disco has made their name on entry-level drones, but this one seems of a different mold altogether.  Just toss it in the air and it can quickly pick up momentums to stay afloat, that transition to a top end of 50mph for up to 45 minutes.  And get this, it comes packaged with a 1080p camera, who could ask for anything more.


Gadget gurus, this is a pretty exciting year.