What Are The Latest Gadgets On The Market Today

Latest Gadgets

Are you searching for a gift for an individual that is very techie oriented? It is possible to locate a wide variety of products that are being sold on the market right now that are absolutely unique and innovative. Technology advances in many ways, not just in regard to discoveries that astronomers make, or medical advancements, but it also occurs in the private sector where people make gadgets that people will buy because of the high level of innovation involved. Here are some tips on how to find the latest gadgets on the market today that either you or someone that you know, will definitely appreciate.

Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboards

This may not seem like a high level of innovation, but in reality, this is a very interesting device. In the past, you would have to purchase one keyboard, and it would only work with one device where the Bluetooth unit was placed in the USB port. Today it is possible to control up to three devices from one keyboard which is perfect for people that are not fond of having to turn or to move to a different location in order to use another computer. This might seem lazy, but it actually improves efficiency when you are able to control three different computers, on three different monitors, all from the same keyboard interface.

Lightscribe Smartpens

You have probably heard of speech to text software, and more than likely used it, especially if you have a smartphone. The technology that is involved is able to identify your voice, the way that you enunciate words, and then transcribe them to a Word document. Instead of doing this, people that prefer writing with pen and paper can use one of these smartpens. They are designed to identify your writing patterns, in the same way, that speech to text software can identify patterns in your speech, and then transcribe what you have written to a digital document. This is a fantastic way for people that are much more inspired while they are writing on paper to transcribe notes immediately. This will save an unbelievable amount of time, as well as quite a bit of money if you are currently sending your writings that are on paper to a transcriber so that they can do exactly the same thing.

Tablet Scanning Docs

Finally, you have what are called tablet computer scanning docks which are some of the smallest scanners in the world. You are able to insert your tablet at the top, insert the photo that you would like to scan at the bottom, and it will scan everything and transfer it to the tablet computer. It almost reminds you of the shredding machines that are very small, where you insert paper into the small narrow vertical area, and shredded paper is the end result. In this case, the photo comes out the other side, and it is scanned in high quality, immediately uploaded to your computer and in some cases can be uploaded to your social media site.

These are just a few of the innovative inventions that have been created in recent months or years. You might want to take advantage of them for yourself, or buy them for a friend. Whether they are into using multiple computers, writing out stories, or if you have hundreds of photos that you would like to scan in the easiest way possible, all of these options are available right now at your local store to help improve your life and provide the perfect techie gift for a friend or family member.