Learn From the Best: Attend the 2015 Mobile World Congress

Learn From the Best: Attend the 2015 Mobile World Congress

For C-level executives in mobile and related industries, the Mobile World Congress is one of their largest conferences. Here, the latest innovations in mobile technology are found. Sponsored and held by GSMA, the Mobile World Conference is a major event representing mobile operators all over the world.

Professional Organization

GSMA is the professional organization for almost 800 mobile operators and more than 250 mobile companies working in the broad mobile system. These include

  • Manufacturers of handsets and devices
  • Equipment providers
  • software companies
  • Internet companies

High-Level Conference

The Mobile World Congress has:

  • More than 85,000 industry attendees;
  • Where more than half is
  • C-level leaders, providing the industry’s strategic vision.

Industry Revolutions

Driving global technology breakthroughs, revolutions in the mobile communications industry are pushing innovation forward. From homes and cars to wearable devices, mobile technology connects billions of people through mobile communications, including:

  • The internet
  • All mobile communication devices

Diverse Event Components

Various passes are available for attendees, depending on your choice. You have access to diverse event components, including a conference for CEOs and C-level executives where they can:

  • Hear visionary speakers.
  • Listen to thoughtful panel discussions.
  • Meet other leaders in their industry.

Technology Exhibition

You may also attend this exhibition featuring:

  • Worldwide exhibitors from the mobile communications industry.
  • The best offers from more than 1,900 leading innovators.

Mobile Apps Universe

Visit this conference-unique centre at the App Planet where the brightest and best in the mobile app community gather to:

  • Network
  • Learn
  • Engage

Global Mobile Awards and 4FYN

Industry innovators and visionaries are recognized for their achievements in this program. As a Mobile World Congress pass holder, you’re also invited to attend 4FYN, a premier event which focuses on:

  • Corporations
  • Startups
  • Investors

Industry Cream of the Crop

Every year, the Mobile World Congress attracts the cream of the crop in mobile and communications technology. These individuals:

  • Are the Who’s Who in mobile communications technology.
  • Spend time learning the latest trends and innovations at the Technology Exhibition.