How Long Does the Average Kitchen Renovation Take

kitchen renovation

Kitchen renovations on the telly seem easy and fun, don’t they? In reality, kitchen remodelling can be a very complicated process.

And if you don’t plan, and budget your time and money, you can fall into a rabbit hole of expenses, constant re-dos, surprises, and delays.

The whole process usually takes a lot of thorough research, extensive design planning, looking for a suitable contractor and so much more.

It can be a daunting task for an amateur unless you have unlimited time and resources. Do you have unlimited time and resources? Not many people do.

Before you start, you need to consider this crucial pre-renovation checklist we have created below to help you out.

This checklist will help you to make sure you have a solid plan so you can avoid delays and expensive surprises along the way. So here goes:

  • Make a detailed list of the changes you wish to make or a certain style or design you want to follow. This can take as much time as you need. This is the research stage.
  • Choose a reliable contractor and designer. Research, check reviews and get recommendations. Project delays are mostly caused by contractors that aren’t up to scratch.
  • Choose appliances and research prices. Have a detailed list containing brands, stores, contact information, and the best price offers near you.
  • This will give you a good estimate of the total expenses for the actual renovation so you can prepare the budget accordingly.
  • Also, take note of the timeline from ordering through to delivery so you can schedule when to start remodelling.
  • Choose lighting and plumbing fixtures, paint colours, tiles and splashback. It is important to know about the best price offers, delivery timelines and proximity of vendors because these materials need to be ordered ahead of time.
  • You need to have these materials on hand when you start the renovation job. This is important because tiles, lighting and plumbing fixtures are delicate materials that can break during shipping. You don’t want to waste time waiting for replacements when you have already started.
  • Order the products and materials before the start of the renovation. This process will take 2-4 weeks, even longer for some products, depending on the product and the vendor. Make sure that all are on hand when you start on the actual reno.

The planning and design stage is very important. It is the key to the success of the renovation. Putting everything on paper in a detailed and organised manner is crucial. It helps to reduce possible delays, surprise expenses, and other issues.

Renovation Timeline

Reno time can be a lot of fun! The prospect of getting a brand-spanking-new kitchen is a great motivation to start, keep going and see the renovation through no matter issues you have along the way.

As long as you have gone through your checklist and ticked every box, you can expect a smooth run. Are you ready?

Week 1

The first few days are dedicated to demolition, removal, and cleaning. This will prep your kitchen for the changes and all the work that will be done.

Say goodbye to your old kitchen and welcome in the new one. This is the phase where cabinets, countertops, old appliances, electrical and anything that needs to be removed is tossed out to make way for the new kitchen.

Demolition can take two to five days depending on how big your space is. Floor protection and level framing are also done at this time.

Floors need to be protected to avoid or reduce any damage during construction.

Week 2

Putting in new plumbing and electrical systems take about 2-4 days. Week two is also time for duct work and HVAC installation.

HVAC installation can take up to 4 days depending on the vendor and the size of your kitchen.

Week 3

Week three should be dedicated to insulation installation and stocking the drywall. This usually takes 2-4 days for each. This is a costly process but one that needs to be done.

Week 4

Hanging the drywall and finishing everything dry-wall related like sanding and priming is the next step. You should also start to install or repair the flooring.

For hardwood flooring, repair and installation can take up to five days, even more. After installation, the floor needs sanding and priming.

Week 5

At week five, you should be installing countertops and built-in appliances. This is also the time to finish electrical and plumbing installation like putting in lighting fixtures, faucets, and many others.

Week 6

You are almost there. It is time for painting and finishing surfaces and flooring. Painting takes time. You also need to give the paint time to dry before you do the finishes.

A few days not working on the space will be needed to let the paint dry. This can take one whole week, maybe longer.

Week 7

It is time for professional cleaning. Clear out the remaining debris, trash, and dust. Do a final walk-through and look for small issues that need to be addressed.

Week 8

Time to decorate! This is the finish line and the best part of the whole process. You can finally see the finished product and start decorating. Bring in the cutlery, the vases, the flowers and whatever else have you. You can now really turn this amazing new kitchen into your own personal space.