Technology Reviews – PlayStation TV Review

Sony’s latest and greatest product has entered the market, and people are getting their hands on it for the first time. This product was initially released in Japan and has steadily gained traction. It allows people to stream PlayStation games over their broadband connection and play games on their televisions. It also allows consumers to play Vita games on their full-sized screens (televisions). Most reviews are positive, but the device is not what most expected it to be. Below we will discuss a basic review of the PlayStation TV.

Negative Scaling Results

Many have noted that the games on PlayStation NOW simply do not look good. The problem is the amount of scaling that occurs. For example, Borderlands 2, which is a PC game that is scaled down for the PlayStation Vita, then has to be scaled back up for the PlayStation TV. All of this scaling results in a downright ugly picture. Games certainly do not look good on this device. They are definitely playable and to be able to play Vita games on a larger screen is most certainly a plus, but not very desirable.

Weak Version of the PlayStation Vita

The device turned out to be a watered down version of the PlayStation Vita, which Sony has stated that it doesn’t really want to continue supporting (fully). Therefore, it is a little bit risky to dive into a PlayStation TV because you may be paying for something that doesn’t get a ton of support. However, if you love Vita games and you want to play them on the big screen, this is probably going to be your only chance. Therefore, it would be wise to purchase this hardware to make your dream come true.

Is it Worth Your Money?

For those that were expecting the ability to stream PlayStation games flawlessly and not have to purchase more than one system in your household, you may be disappointed. You should expect to have to hook up an ethernet cable if you want to play without a ridiculous amount of lag. And to stream the games you may have to pay ridiculous prices, as well. 

The bottom line, if you want to play PlayStation Vita games, then purchase a PlayStation Vita instead. You can probably find a Vita for around $60 more than you would pay for the PlayStation TV device. Also, your experience will likely be better because the games were designed to be played with Vita’s hardware.