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Floor tiles have been used for thousands of years and around the world today people are still reaping the many benefits associated with tiles. They continue to be a very popular choice because of their ease of maintenance and amazing design flexibility. Once you have a tiled floor installed you have a hygienic surface that is not only beautiful but easy to keep clean.

While regular sweeping and mopping are all that is required to keep a tiled surface clean, it is not sufficient to keep it in peak condition as accumulated dirt will eventually dull the surface and stain the grouting. The floor is the first area that is noticed when entering a home and represents the character and style of the owners. Regardless of how unique or expensive your tiles are, their beauty will be lost if layers of dirt are trapped inside the pores and on the grouting. Having your tiles professionally cleaned on a regular basis will not only prevent them from looking neglected and old but over time dirt can cause permanent damage to the tile surface and the grout joints. The only solution to this will be to have the entire floor re-done which could be a costly exercise.

Why use Professional Tile Cleaning?

Professional tile cleaning is of the utmost importance if you wish to maintain the beauty of your tile floors and extend the life of the tiles. Over the past few years, tile and grout cleaning has changed dramatically as hundreds of new types of tiling materials have emerged. In order to achieve pristine results, new and innovative methods have to be employed. At Restore Floor n we use premium cleaning chemicals and the latest technology and equipment to deliver the best results.

The Benefits of Professional Tile Cleaning

– Professional tile cleaning can transform the look of your home instantly.
– Regular professional tile cleaning will extend the life of your tiles.
– Clean tiles are safer as built-up dirt and grime can cause slips and falls.
– Eliminates the growth of mould and bacteria by killing microscopic organisms. Clean, sterile surfaces prevent the growth of mould and bacteria.
– Prevents permanent damage from ingrained dirt to the surface of the tiles as well as the grouting.
– The cleaning process does not damage the surface of the tiles or the grouting. Manual attempts using tile cleaners and harsh methods can easily cause scratches and damage the grouting.
– Gets the job done quickly and is a cost-effective alternative to spending time and money on equipment and chemicals to do it yourself.

About Us

Tile CleaningRestore Floor is a fully certified company that offers superior tile and grout cleaning services throughout all metro areas in Sydney. We understand that tiling is one of the most expensive investments in a home and need to be treated with the utmost care. That is why we use our extensive industry knowledge and the best equipment and chemicals to take care of your tiles as if they were our own. The use of correct chemical solutions, temperatures, operating pressures, and


attachments are very important to provide even clean and excellent overall results.

Equipped with the latest technology and best truck-mounted equipment, our experienced technicians are fully capable of handling even the toughest cleaning and restorative jobs to A-grade excellence. Our entire service is underpinned by strict health and safety standards and outstanding quality management systems.

We are very conscious of environmental safety and always keep this in mind in our work environment. Where possible, we use Australian made-products to boost the local economy and support our own manufacturers. One of the major factors that set us apart from other cleaning companies is our vacuum process of wastewater recovery to protect the environment and your garden. Every trace of chemicals and water is removed and transferred to a holding tank on the truck for safe disposal.

Superior Tile Cleaning Services

Our comprehensive tile cleaning process involves the following steps to ensure the best possible outcome:

– Pre-inspection of tiles and grouting
– Selection and application of suitable cleaning solution
– Agitation and scrubbing with nylon rotary attachment
– Stain treatment if necessary
– Adjustable heat and pressure cleaning
– Vacuum extraction of all residual chemicals and water
– Post inspection to ensure your expectations are met and even exceeded.
We will also give you advice on how to maintain your freshly cleaned tiles so that you can enjoy the benefits for as long as possible.

SX12 Tile Cleaning System

Our SX12 tile cleaning system is the most effective way to deep clean your tiles and make them look brand new again. It is safe for all types of tiles as the pressure and heat can be regulated in order to protect the substrate of the tiles.

Powered by our truck-mounted, state-of-the-art equipment, pressurized steam is delivered directly to the tiles. Our experienced technicians will select the best cleaning solution for your type of tiles. A nylon attachment is used to agitate and scrub the surface and the grouting to release dirt and stains that are washed away by the powerful SX12 system.

Always keeping environmental safety in mind, the power vacuum is encased in a dome to capture all the dirty water and chemicals and return it to the capture tank in the truck to be safely disposed of, leaving no residue behind on the tiles.

Good things take time and we pride ourselves on taking the necessary time to carefully undertake all the detailed steps that are vital for a professional result.