Top Gadgets Used By Productive Students Today

student using a laptop

If you have a student that are now in college, or perhaps even in high school, you will want them to be as productive as possible. It is difficult to motivate them to do well in school, however by purchasing something for them that will increase their ability to focus and study, it can actually improve their grades using modern technology. There are so many different gadgets that are available today, some of which are very popular, and others that are not that well known. Here’s an overview of the top gadgets used by productive students today, ones that you may want to consider getting for your child that is in school.022

A Livescribe Smartpen

If your child would prefer writing down their notes, this is something that they can review at a later time. However, some kids also like to record what the teacher is saying, or may even like to record what they are thinking about as they are doing the papers. Somewhere in the middle of all of this, a Livescribe Smartpen can be used to accommodate both of these needs. As they are writing down the notes that the teacher is saying, the computer is actually able to decipher what they have written into an audio format. This will allow them to listen to the actual lecture as they wrote down their notes, focusing on what they thought was most important. It’s a great way to save time, and also get two types of feedback from each class that is done, in both audio and written format.

Tablet Computers

A tablet computer is something that has become very common in the classroom. They are very different from a laptop. The iPad is very popular, as well as the Microsoft Surface, each of which can allow your child to do quite a bit of studying, take notes with a detachable keyboard, and put everything conveniently away in their backpack due to their very small size. They are less cumbersome than a laptop, and the ability to use it like a smartphone, makes it an ideal gift for not only helping them with their studies, but can also provide them with entertainment when they are taking breaks in between classes, or the papers that they are writing for the classes that are due this week or the following day.

A Toaster Egg Poacher

Although this gift is not directly related to helping them with their studies, it can definitely provide them with quite a bit of convenience when preparing breakfast in the morning. It’s good to have plenty of protein, carbohydrates, and it is absolutely important for them to be able to do this fast, and a toaster egg poacher is exactly what they need. They can add butter, jelly, or even cream cheese to the toast once it is done, roughly the same time that the poached egg will be ready. This will create a fast breakfast that will be ready within minutes, and can easily be cleaned once they get back from class.

These are just a few gadgets to help your student be more productive. Whether they are using the pen to take notes or the tablet computer to do research, both of these can streamline the process. If time is always against them, then accelerating their ability to create a fast meal in the morning is what the toaster egg poacher will do for them. The combination of all of these gifts will give them many more hours every week that they can devote to studying. It’s a great way to invest into their future on a very minimal basis, helping them get through school with a much higher level of productivity and convenience.